Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Printing Woes Solved?

Eversince I discovered the happy, colorful world of arts and crafts, my days have never been the same. I would constantly be found planning and daydreaming of things the little miss and I can do with our hands. So far, our creations have leaned towards upcycling and reusing scrap materials.

Of late however, (especially after doing our recent project) I would often catch myself daydreaming about making personalized dainty Christmas cards to give out to family and friends this coming holidays. I am not confident though that we can go handmade all the way so I’m thinking of designing and printing them instead. One big problem though – we currently do not have a working printer.

Several years ago, I brought home this Lexmark printer from the US but we have since stopped using it because we can’t find ink cartridge refills anywhere. I have been bugging my husband to get us a new one. I’m thinking maybe an HP OfficeJet 6500? At least we won’t have problems with HP 6500 ink cartridges since we can always readily order online. 

I am still working on improving my convincing powers. But I hope I could persuade him to make up his mind soon so I can finally work on this new project with my very creative little miss.

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