Tuesday, May 21, 2013

100Yen Store Find

Did you collect stationery and stickers when you were a kid?

I did! My sisters and I apart from collecting stamps (mostly from snail mail that we actually receive from family and friends) went through this phase. We had a clear, thick plastic folder where we'd put a set of every kind of stationery that we'd come across in bookstores. (Did you keep that folder Mao?)

Today, after a very filling dinner with a colleague, we decided to explore the shops adjacent to our hotel. I noticed a 100Yen shop this morning when I took a photo of the view from my hotel room and I was able to convince my co-worker to drop by there. And my heart leaped when I saw an entire aisle of super cute stationeries. I wanted to hoard. But thank God I do not have the budget to do that. So I carefully went through each of the stationery packs and picked 2 -- yes just two (sob, sob, sniff, sniff).
Maia! You can now write letters using nice paper. Maybe we should find you a penpal now...whadyathink?

I was praying I'd come across tiny cooking sets as well which was actually what the kid was asking me to get her ever since she learned that Mommy's going to Japan-ese (even if they're not Re-ment made) but there was unfortunately none. I decided to buy these cute toy trucks for my nephews instead. Both were Made In China but I hope my nephew wouldn't really notice. Haha. (Bought in Japan but Made In China?#!$#!)

regardless of their point of origin, i think the boys will love this :)
I have a lot of stories to share about this trip but I gotta get some decent sleep first. I hope to find more time tomorrow. For now, I wish you all a wonderful week :)

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PlanetMarsy said...

I used to collect stationery too. Iba ibang shape pa ang iba ibang scent. Haha. This post reminded me of my childhood. Looking forward to your Jap posts :)

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