Saturday, May 4, 2013

Conversations With Maia: On Oily and Fatty Food

Yesterday was our bookstore date day. But a date with my little girl will never be complete without a stop at her favorite eating place -- (what else) JOLLIBEE!

When at Jollibee she almost always orders the same thing - one piece chicken meal (with lots of crispy skin) and a glass of pineapple juice.

But in the middle of yesterday's meal, while she was savoring each bite of the crispy skin/coating, her dad reminded her that she's already past her monthly quota of Jollibee chicken meals (she's had one almost every week and we normally only treat her once a month). She responded with a look of pure disappointment (and a muffled growl - she goes GRRRRRRRRRR and matches it with a piercing glare and huge, huge pout).

I explained to her why it's not good to always eat in fast foods. I pinched her chicken and showed her how oily it was. I told her that if she keeps eating oily chicken skin every week, the oil will eventually coat her heart and it will stop beating.


Then she puts her right hand on her left breast and cheerfully announced: "OKAY LANG AKO MOMMY. NARINIG KO PA ANG HEART KO EH. TUMUNOG NAMAN SYA. DI NAMAN NABALUTAN"

And she goes back to munching on her chicken with great gusto (gave up the fork and spoon and proceeded to eat with her hands).


Aimee Diego said...

Kids and Jollibee talaga...inseparable! hihi

Glad I can comment na on your posts! Yey!

Maggie said...

How does Jollibee do it?? Talagang pag "jabi" favorite ng kids. SI Lucas favorite yung spaghetti nila

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