Thursday, May 30, 2013

Playing Catch Up With My Little Miss Over Breakfast (And Goodbye Mingming)

I came to work a little later than usual today because the kid was demanding I sit beside her while she finish breakfast. She now keeps track of how often or rare for that matter I did this or that for her. Today, it's keeping her company at breakfast.

I let her take full reign on me this time. I think I deserve it anyway. I deserved to be bossed around my this tiny little scrawny kid. I've been an absentee parent for sometime now. And for a little girl who's had hands on parent for most of her life, that's something totally new and will be definitely felt.

So I let her take breakfast leisurely. I made her two open-faced choco sandwiches which she ate with great gusto. We chatted a bit too. We mostly discussed about Mingming. Our pet stray cat, Mingming, passed on this morning. Ate Inday discovered him lifeless at our laundry area this morning. Tibs had to dig a deep hole this morning so we can bury Mingming properly. The little girl promised to prettify Mingming's tomb today with flowers. We'll see how it turns out to be later. I was worried she will cry but she bravely surprised me by saying: Okay lang yan kahit wala na si mingming. Malapit naman na akong magkaroon ng dog eh! Arf arf! Arf arf! It is conversations like this that I truly miss the most. I never regret being marked tardy at work in exchange for moments like this.

Sharing with you some photos of our dear Mingming. R.I.P. little fella. Thank you for being part of our life especially of Maia's.

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