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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Arts-N-Crafts: Paper Tube Flower Stamps

I got this idea from Pinterest and yesterday when what I thought was going to be something that would take us the afternoon to finish turned out to be something that the little miss could finish in a jiffy, I got the remaining paper tubes that I had out and started making these.

Can you see the two stamp patterns?
What We Used:

  • paper tubes
  • heavy duty cutter
  • paint (poster or watercolor, just as long as their colors would stand out)
  • used microwable container covers
  • imagination running wild

How We Did It:

1. Ask an adult to cut out the other end of the paper tube into even lines. I divided mine into 6-7 portions. 
2. Fold the cut portion and make sure they are of the same size each when pressed down.
3. Trim edges to your desired flower shapes (We had the plain elongated ones and the other one I cut the ends to resemble a triangle or maybe a pentagon)
4. Dip the paper tube stamps unto your paint and stamp on clean paper.


Tadah! Here's our finished artwork :) 



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