Saturday, May 23, 2009


Today we discovered that Maia has started talking already. Of course, still the gibberish talk. But as most parents would react, hearing the two syllable words (or in this case multiple syllables) were like music to our ears.

She was munching on a toy this morning (or was it her hairbrush? couldn't remember now...) when she started saying...Ma-Da-Ababababababa. We were dumbfounded - her dad and me...but her reaction was to just look up and giggle at us. It was then that her yaya shared that she's been talking for the past couple of days already. We just didn't notice because when we reach home our playtime would usually just consists of giggles...giggles and more giggles. Which is actually fine with us since her giggles still qualify as the best stressbuster for us.

I caught some of the talking moments again on video later today when the 3 of us are preparing for our afternoon siesta. I am still hoping for a replay of this morning though. I will post the video as soon as Maia grants me my wish. :)


Maki Bolofer said...

Tori's also saying "Aba-aba!" right now every time we tell her to stop doing something! Haha It's super cute and funny!

Faye Pachoco-Paras said...

Haha...alam nyang sya ang boss! :) Si Maia di pa nya gets me meaning ung mga sinasabi nya pero nagyayabangan kmi pag naririnig namin either nagma-Ma or nagda-Da. Pero I have a feeling uunahin nya kong tawagin...knina naipit naiyak sya sabay sigaw....mmmmmmaaaa-meeee...hehhee...feeling ko naman tinatawag tlg ako. haha.

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