Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day Adventures

So how did my mother's day go? Well, it was a tiring but fun-filled day for me, Tibs and Maia!
We started the day of course with Maia's early wake up call for playtime. So at 530 in the morning we were already up and about...since our camera's broken we had to wait for the sun to come up before we were able to take pictures...

Maia was having fun as usual...climbing pillows that we placed all over the bed. Sometimes, even climbing over me...only to giggle upon seeing his dad on the other side...sometimes, I forget she's only a six month old baby...she acts like a one year old already!

We got tired of the usual bedroom view so we moved to our next favorite place which is...our Living room! Maia has plenty of space to show off new tricks. One of them is picking up her books and licking them all over! show off!

After breakfast Tibs and I prepared to leave for our date...hehehe..yiheee...after 6 months <would you believe???>

We planned on dropping by at the Expomom Bazaar in Rockwell since I do have some stuff that I ordered from Indigo Baby thatI plan to pick up there. We arrived at Rockwell early and decided to check out the baby stores first before heading to the bazaar. We found a couple of shops that we regret not visiting before. We would have bought better supplies for Maia if we checked out the shops there...but well...better luck next time Mommy!
When we reached the bazaar we went straight to the Indigo Baby booth first to get my order...I met Yummymum Denise but she was really busy with some customers so we did not really bother her na. I got the stuff I ordered and we checked out their other displays. They're displaying Saya...a new baby pouch design which is going to be available very, very soon. I'm thinking of getting one...I think Maia will enjoy riding on a new pouch soon! Anyways, here's what we got for Maia from the bazaar...oh oh...i dont have a picture to post but we also got her an organic baby shampoo called Kid's  Nature. It smells really good...and its loaded with nothing but the good stuff. Maia seems to be enjoying it.

After checking out the other exhibitor's we headed to Greenbelt for lunch and attend Sunday Mass.

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