Monday, May 18, 2009

Maia Stands Proud

Maia learned to stand up on her own a few days ago. I was lucky to be at home to witness it firsthand. Earlier on, I was really afraid I would miss out on a lot of her firsts but I got lucky my baby learned to wait on Mommy. Here's a video I took on that day that she learned to pull herself up on her crib. This was not the actual first standing scene but it's a good thing I was still able to take a souvenir video on that same day :)

Since Maia's birth I have now become a camera whore...all for my baby. These days however, pictures are becoming rare since she's so squirmy I can't make her stay on one spot for at least 5 seconds.  She now moves pretty fast and is pretty scary to be left out on the bed. So the 3 of us, Tibs, the yaya and me are on 24/7 Maia Patrol. Everyday is starting to be really exhausting with us trying to make time after coming home from a full day spent at work but the excitement of knowing what milestone comes next for our baby definitely wipes the exhaustion away.

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