Saturday, May 9, 2009

Mommy's First...

...official mother's day!

Let me share a conversation between me and Tibs over dinner last weekend:


Me: Ei beb, mother's day na next Sunday!

Tibs: Ha? Wow's official! Last year, soon to be ka pa, Mommy ka na talaga! <hugs me then goes silent>

Me: Uh-huh...saya no? <looks at Tibs> Naiiyak ka?????!!!!???

Tibs: Ano ba!!??? Bakit mo pinansin...e sa rush of emotions eh...


Funny lang sya pa ang naiyak. hehehe...

It actually feels great have one special day all for me <i mean, apart from my bday>.

What's even better is I'm sharing this with many friends, a sister and most especially -- MY Mom!

It might have taken me one heck of an experience to finally emphatize with Mommy but I am glad I'm now able to understand her. I still have a long way to go...and I'm glad my Mom is still here to guide me through.

Mom, a million thanks will never be enough to repay all the hardwork you've put into raising me and my siblings. I love you very very much! I wish and pray that things will be a lot better for you in the coming days. :)



1 comment:

joi * said...

ahay ka sweet kay daddy tibs ah!!
happy mothers day to you and to your mom faye!

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