Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A Field Trip To The Fun Farm At Sta Elena

Two simple, home-spent  long weekends have since gone. Simple. Home. Two of my most favorite words. I can never get enough of lazy days spent at home. But then I have to deal with a kid who easily contracts cabin fever and all that lazy, relaxing thought immediately disappears. A restless kid is the last thing you'd ever want to deal with during a relaxing weekend. And so rare invites for field trips are also some of the things that we welcome with big wide open arms. 

And that's just exactly how we spent the last day of the last long weekend of this quarter. We went with 3 other family friends (actually mommy friends who I first met in N@W and eventually became close to through blogging-Rache, Erl and Maqui) to a fun-filled day trip to the Fun Farm At Sta Elena in Sta. Rosa, Laguna. Thank you Maqui for organizing this!

If not for the quite pricey entrance fee of P300 per person, we would love to come back to this place. (But...this family is such a cheapskate I don't think we will be coming back anytime soon). The kids had fun running around and there were enough distractions to last them a full day. The fishing pond and the sand playing area were a big hit for the little miss, most especially. When she woke up this morning, she was still raving about it. I bet she would have bragged about it even to her school busmates. She was THAT happy with how her day went yesterday. She got to ride and pet a carabao, chase sheeps, play spider-woman, feed worms to fishes, feed pellets to duckies, feed the bunnies some carrots, sing along with pigs (oink-oink!) and squeal her heart out while riding the rubber swings. There's plenty to do but I only have a few photos to show. 

Still, I'll let the pictures talk from this point. Forgive the poor resolution as I still haven't found Blue's replacement and I just used my phone camera. 

at the entrance
one of Maia's favorite spots in the farm. she was ready for this. she even bought her beach toys with her.
obstacle courses for kids. tingnan natin hanggang san aabot lakas ng mga malilikot na yan! lolz.
interesting maze. Maia didn't hesitate to get in. and did not have any trouble coming out of it. atta girl!
Maia: I'm going to try this too Daddy. Tibs: Mahirap to Maia, wag na baka di mo kayanin, walang support sa gitna.
Maia: Okay lang Daddy, gagapang na lang ako! 
And more interesting spots on the farm:

Maia and Kelsea getting fishing tips from the Daddies. Waha (kala mo experts eh)
close encounter with sheeps (maia: mameeeeeeeeee, kelangan nila maligo!)
It was a tiring day but hearing the kid rave about the fun of it all seems all worth it. Till the next fieldtrip, Mommies! Can't wait to see the photos from Studio 2716 as well!

p.s. The Fun Farm staff advises that you book ahead before coming as there might be events (i.e. weddings or private parties) booked at the Fun Farm that day and you might be denied entrance. For this trip we booked a week ahead since ours is a relatively big group of 4 families and we were coming on a holiday.
Fun Farm at Santa Elena is located at Sta Elena Properties Inc, Barrio Malitlit, Sta Rosa, Laguna
They operate from 9am to 5pm. Contact Numbers: 0918 8886588/0920 9131349 Directions to the farm are posted here. 

p.s. Here's a link to the photo album that the Studio 2716 posted in Facebook.  And to Maqui's and Erl's blog post as well.

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