Monday, August 20, 2012

Super Long Weekend In Photos

While most of the Filipino workforce are probably still in bed, relishing the final day of our 4-day long weekend, here I am punching computer keys so early in the morning. Yes, it is month-end and here comes the monthly highlight of my job once again. It's a good thing I've accumulated a lot of photos over the weekend. Brought them to work for inspiration. And I have been on the move since 7am, and am now taking my first coffee break of the day.

As I hardly log into the computer when I'm at home, I usually spend a lot of time in Instagram. Having lost my ever beloved Blue last summer to wear and tear and well, basically, just overusage if there is such a term (what can I say, I am an addicted trigger happy wannabe-photographer momma) I had since become bestfriends with Instagram. If you're in there too, let's follow each other. I am pyxxie0703 over there.

Here are my choice pick/s (err pics):

Loving these plaid blouses that I bought from Landmark. Cheap but chic.
eager volunteer. we cleaned up the garden.
feeding mingming
indoor play

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