Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Our Amazing Spider-Kid

There were several web-ropes like this around the Fun farm but this particular web-rope was inside the sand play area so the kids could just go ahead and climb when they get bored digging. For the little miss, we didn't really expect much as she has recently developed a slight fear of heights. I say slight because it really doesn't occur often but when it does she would really freeze up and refuse to move. 

This web-rope (sorry for the rather weird sounding term, i had to make something up as I really don't have a clue what it's called) went all the way up to the play area's ceiling and it was already quite high per our standards. We were quite surprised when the little miss stood at the bottom of it and started climbing. The daddy was hesitant to let her go at first but soon realized it was pretty safe so he eventually caved in and just watched and cheered his kid on by the sidelines. 

This really made me proud and I thought I should make a separate post of it for her to read later on. Maybe it can even inspire her when she's older. I sure hope it would!

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