Sunday, August 5, 2012

Helicopter Preschooler Momma

Today is the first day of the little miss's first quarterly exams in school. I remember hearing that phrase in grade school and I'd always be overwhelmed with panic. Well, for one I was really just born panicky (not the bat wehe) and second, I never developed study habits so I'd always just cram. Funnily and fortunately, I learned to live with panic attacks and sweaty palms all through out my schooling years. But I guess, for Maia, that phrase doesn't really mean anything yet. And I don't intent to push her to understand it. I was hoping she'd eventually just deal with it as normally as any student would. And I'd like for her to find what a NORMAL (i believe this one is relative) attitude should be on her own.

Sometimes however, I wish I could hover over my little girl (helicopter mama alert! ain't that scary) while in class just so I can finally get answers for all these questions lingering in my head. Questions like:

  •  How do her teacher/s manage to make all 23 of you understand instructions. I could barely manage on my own with just a lone student (that is you little girl), what with 22 more like her? But the thing is, she would come home with almost always with perfectly scored quizzes while our activities at home would almost always end up in failure. Does that mean I should put an end to my dream of ever becoming a teacher? I'm probably not just cut out for it. 
  • How long does it take for my little girl to finish her seat works? Does she stay glued on her paper? Or does she take frequent breaks like she would when we review at home?
  • My little girl would mention they take recess in between and it's Ate Luto who stays with them when they eat. How are they compelled to get back to the classroom after they've finished their meals?
Oh I'm really such a worrier, aren't I? And I worry about the smallest details. But truthfully, these things would just pop in my head from time to time. I've only listed 3 but had I listed (errr, remembered) everything I would have ended with a horrendously, lengthy one (thank God i have short term memory hehe). I guess all these questions actually stem from my being an overly curious mommy cat. But I really do not plan to be a helicopter parent. I wasn't raise by one and I will ALWAYS fight the urge to be one. However, how my little girl behaves in class is really a major concern for me so if you would notice my questions revolve around that. 

At the back of my mind though, I know my little miss is doing well. My instinct usually gives me some sort of assurance and I go by that most often. Some days however, I just like to sweat the small stuff. For the fun of it. 

Or not. 


pepper said...

Oh my gosh Faye... We have the same THOUGHTS!!!

Faye Paras said...

HAHAHA. APIR! (Magka age din ata kasi sila ni A, let's hope the kakulitan is just a phase)

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