Saturday, March 24, 2012

Afternoon Playdate At Tribeca

We love joining playdates. When Maia hears that word, it's like magic to her ears. I guess because her playdate experiences were always very pleasant and it's where she gets the excuse to run, hop, skip, shout and be just her kiddie self all she wants (well not that we prohibit her from being such at home but I just have the feeling that being around adults almost all of the time somehow gives her the impression that she needs to grow up fast just to be able to catch up).

Each time I get an invitation to join a playdate, I immediately block that date (if it isn't blocked by a prior commitment yet that is). Maia and I are now 'almost' pros at commuting that distance has somehow become very mundane for us to consider. Well, QC is really far but Makati would still be okay for us. It's usually just the two of us who comes to these playdates but I'm really lucky having a kid who now gamely walks with me and rarely asks to be carried except when of course, we have to cross via a footbridge where she gets awfully scared so I would be left with no other choice but to carry her. 

Yesterday, Tricia (who is also a n@w) invited us for a playdate with other n@w kids at Tribeca (those blue and white buildings you see near Sucat in SLEX). Friday pa lang, the kid was so excited already she can hardly get some sleep! (mental note not to remind her of a next day lakad because it renders me super tired the next day) She helped me pack her playdate 'essentials' and some toys to bring since we were told there's a sandbox installed in the playground (another yey for the little miss since she loves to play in the sand). 

Maia's playdate essentials - human <3 nature's pocket handsoap, extra change of clothes, snacks, towel, paper handtowels to keep her back dry, water bottle, by nature spf 55 sunblock, wet wipes + first aid kit - alcohol, band-aids, by nature's baby salve (plus mine too)
So mid-afternoon our twosome left the Daddy at home and headed to Tribeca carrying with us the prospect of a really, really fun afternoon. It drizzled already when we boarded the jeepney going to Alabang but I was still hoping that the crazy weather would cut us some slack (it is summer afterall!) and spare that area where Tribeca is situated.
Weather was such a bummer, wasn't it?
We were the first guests to arrive and got there just about the same time as Tricia. It was starting to get gloomy then but the kids didn't seem to mind. Maia immediately raided the dollhouses and claimed the pink (yet unfinished) one as her own. Kids spent about 30 mins frolicking in the playground and the sandbox when the warning drizzle started and we ran for cover towards the tents on the other center of Tribeca's football field (awesome, right? they have a football field inside the condo compound). And that was how our day ended. It was all heavy downpour from that moment on and we weren't given any more opportunity to enjoy the awesome playdate venue. There was still so much to do had the rain skipped that part of the south. The playdate was supposed to be timed perfectly since there was an event at Tribeca that day and there were picnic mats, balls, and i forgot what other activities (but definitely plenty) for the kids to enjoy. But because of the rain, we had to content ourselves with munching on the free snacks instead. 

Maia and Aki raid the sandbox together with Raine, Zoe and Raj

She tried so hard to fight her fear of heights but she got stuck on this part of the ladder and was crying for help. I had to push her up and encourage her to move on till she was able to slide down on the other side.

This one's mine! MINE!
Ano naman to, Mommy? May mga tools sya eh!
food stubs c/o Tribeca, yay free snacks!
It was still a fun afternoon. And with the rain cutting the playdate short, we have now perfect excuse to schedule a repeat again (and maybe several more repeats after that hehe). Thank you Tricia for inviting us over!

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