Thursday, March 22, 2012

Mediating A Father-Daughter 'Conflict' - a first

Tonight while Tibs was trying to brush Maia's teeth, he was kicked in the face by a little girl who was refusing and demanding for me to do it instead. Apart from the hurt ego, well, Tibs is just the type who easily loses his cool when he's hurt (I'd slap him lovingly and he's still be mad at me so I had since ceased making carino brutal) - be it as light as a pinch or as heavy as a punch. I was still thankful because he was still able to restrain himself from hitting Maia as initial reflex. I got in just in time to mediate the already rising 'conflict' between father and daughter. 

Sorry I had to document this in Tagalog. I really wanted to transcribe it from memory and I think I'll just ruin it if I translate.

Tibs: Maia! Ano ba? Bakit mo ko kailangang sipain?!#$ (usok na ilong at tenga sa galit, tumataas na din boses)
Maia: Ayaw kita mag-toothbrush sa akin! Gusto ko si Mommy!
Tibs: Hindi! Ako naman pagbigyan mo. Gusto ko rin naman mag-bonding tayo. Buong araw na kayo magkasama ni Mommy!
Maia: Hindi! (sipa. medyo lakas na sipa) 
Tibs: Maia! Tumigil ka na. Nasan na ba ang pamalo, Mommy? (tayo kunwari naghanap)
Maia: Toothbrush na ako! Matutulog na ako! (takbo sa akin, pakandong)
Me: O bakit? Sige na, tapusin nyo na ni Daddy yung pagtu-toothbrush.
Maia: Gusto ko ikaw, Mommy. Sige na ikaw na.
Me: Pagbigyan mo na si Daddy. Gusto rin nya kahit sa pagto-toothbrush makapag bonding kayo. Love mo sya di ba?
Maia: (walang imik)
Me: Bakit walang sagot? Di mo love si Daddy?
Maia: (mega-tango. paulit ulit)
Me: Hala. Bakit?
Maia: Basta ayaw ko sa kanya. Ayaw ko sya mag toothbrush!

Tibs: (galit na. higa at nagtakip ng unan) E di sige huwag. Di mo na ako Daddy! (shaks parang bata no? lolz)

Me: 'Nak, di naman yata tama yan. Ang mga daddy hindi pwede hindi nila-love kasi ikaw love na love ka ni Daddy eh. Mag-sorry na. 
Maia: Sorry daddy. I love you, we rock, sweetdreams, goodnight! 
Me: Parang di na ata yun totoo eh. Sorry ka na talaga? Love mo na talaga si Daddy? Hug mo na nga sya tsaka kiss mo na.
Maia: Daddy sorry na. (attempts to hug but the daddy refuses)
Tibs: Sino ka ba?
Maia: MAIA!
Tibs: Ano ba kita?
Maia: Anak.
Tibs and Me: (stifles laughter)

We went to finish brushing her teeth and I finally got her ready for bed. I explained to her why Daddy is mad and reminded her of our two major rules - LISTEN AND OBEY. She nodded to acknowledge that she understood (I can only hope she really did understand) and I asked her to say a short prayer of thanks and she said goodnight to everyone.

Me: O sige na matulog ka na. Bukas bumawi ka kay Daddy ha? Sabayan mo sya mag-breakfast. Tapos patikim mo sa kanya ginawa mong ice candy.
Maia: O sige Mommy. Kay Daddy ang buco, akin yung Milo no?
Tibs: Ayaw ko.
Maia: E ano gusto mo Daddy? Ha? Sa yo na ang buco. 
Tibs: Ayaw ko nga.
Maia: Mommy, tanungin mo si Daddy ano gusto nya.
Me: Okay sige. Basta matulog ka na. Bukas bati na kayo nyan ni Daddy.
Maia: Sige. Mommy...(pabulong) tanungin mo si Daddy kung love pa nya ako. Ganyanin mo balikat nya o (kalabitin ko daw)
Me: Daddy, sagutin mo daw tanong ni Maia.
Tibs: (walang kibo for 10mins tapos biglang tayo). Sige na. Bati na. Halika nga hug mo ako, bilis!
Maia: (takbo sa daddy sabay hug mahigpit then hagikhik ng tawa)
Tibs: Love na love ko to syempre. Nag iisa lang to eh. 

And that ends my transcription of tonight's events. They continued to bond for another 10 mins or so over tickles and giggles. I can only imagine what other conflicts these two will encounter in the next few years. But I do pray that each and every time that happens, they always will end up resolving it this way (and I hope I don't always have to mediate lolz). 

Haaay Maia if you only knew how much Daddy loves you. You really do not need to ask.


Glamma Momma said...

Haha parang kami ni Kelsea yan minsan ah :)

Shyne Santos said...

hay comedy ang pagkakakwento pero naiyak ako -_-

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