Saturday, March 10, 2012

Climb A Tree And Make Some Memories

I never learned to climb a tree. But I grew up surrounded by different kinds of trees to climb on to. I guess when you're around something a lot, you really tend to take them for granted (and then maybe let your fear get the best of you). Then you grow up (I would like to mean the real growing up process and not the literal one but well it can be both) and you realize how much you've missed. You chide yourself for letting a great learning opportunity pass. Oh well. 

Maia is not as lucky as me. Trees are not as abundant at where we live now as compared to where I grew up in Antique. There are no fruit trees to climb. Trees are grown here mostly for shading purposes. And now that she's getting more physically active as days go, I start wishing she was growing up in the same place I did. 

Tibs and I agree, tree-climbing is one childhood experience that Maia shouldn't miss. I'm just glad we still get to go home to Antique even if just once every year. So today while waiting for Maia to wrap up her playground time in Legaspi Park, Tibs saw an opportunity to introduce Maia to tree-climbing.

At first, Maia was really scared. It was quite understandable given the fact that the little miss has recently developed a fear of heights plus of course, the idea is something really new and unfamiliar to her. She refused to be lifted. We almost gave up thinking it was a lost cause and that maybe we should just wait a bit. Then another light bulb moment hit us, we suggested she let Georgie climb instead because for sure he misses climbing trees.

And so she did.

you go first Georgie!
Just a little more Georgie --

Hindi na abot ni Georgie ang taas Mommy!
When she couldn't get Georgie up to a higher branch, Tibs got the stuffed monkey and placed him comfortably on a branch. Little miss found it really hilarious and the rest is history. She just got so excited to join her baby monkey up on one of the tree branches.
Andito na ako, Mommy!
When Maia comes home to Antique this summer, I can already tell how different this year is going to be from the past year's she been vacationing there. And now I'm the one who's overly excited about it.

Success, Mommy! Sali ka?

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