Sunday, March 18, 2012

Bookstore Scenes

Every time we step into a mall these days, she would look for a National Bookstore. She knows well where the NBS store is located in the Hypermart branch that we get our groceries from. Today, I left her sitting in front of the Adarna books stand, asked if I can go around the bookstore to look for some art supplies and she didn't hesitate to let me go. She told me she's going to be fine browsing through the books on her own. Then she grabbed a book, sat on the floor and started to read (although yes, she's really just pretending to. she was in fact just looking at the attractive illustrations on the books). I couldn't get myself to leave her though so I just moved to the other side of the stand pretending to have left but actually was just observing her. She didn't cry or even attempted to look for me. She just sat there, immersed on the book she was holding.

can't get any more comfortable than this
on to her second book
NBS, Gbelt1

it sure looks like it's book love, doesn't it?

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