Sunday, March 18, 2012

I Want Wings!

Yesterday, while I was busy preparing our dinner Tibs called me out asking for help with Maia. The little girl was slumped on the road and was refusing to get up despite her dad's incessant warnings and even threats (of I don't know. hehe his voice just sounded really threatening). 

I left them earlier that day still exchanging giggles over their kite and playing tag. The little girl loves to be chased. She'd tell you she's taya and yet would demand that you chase after her. 

Well, her dad couldn't figure out from all the whining what she wanted. So in between sobs, I convinced her to tell me slowly what it is she really wanted. Turns out, she was suddenly saddened by her dad's revelation - she can't have wings. 

Then I learned that they were desperately trying to get their kite down but couldn't because it was caught up so high on one of the electrical cables even Tibs propped up on a tall ch'air couldn't get it down. So the little thought, she should grow wings so she can get it down herself. Then the daddy just told her the sad truth - people don't just grow wings. (I think our daddy learned his lesson the hard way. I don't think he is ever going to do that mistake again)

Eventually (after a lot of negotiations and explanations), she settled with a lampin cape. If she can't have bird's wings, then she might as well settle for a superhero's cape instead. She's still trying to decide on what name she'd go for but for now she goes by SUPER MAIA. 

When your neighborhood is in need of a superhero, just call her alright?

wings replaced by a lampin cape instead

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Pepper said...

Awww... Reality bites! This post is priceless =)

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