Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Saving For A Desired Toy

Little girl likes flipping through my magazines. She likes to look at pictures of toys, of little girls with their mommies or daddies, of pretty dresses (no attraction to shoes or bags just yet. thank God!). She loves it even more when she sees a photo of a toy that she already owns. She'd run to me or her dad and excitedly announce: "Mommy/Daddy o, look! Toy ko 'to!" 

We trained her not to be attached to things, especially to toys. But we of course have also come to accept the reality that at some point in a little girl's life she becomes best friends with her toys (for the lack of company at home, I reckon). Still I consider us lucky because each time we go to a toy store she would be contented with playing with the toys in the store but not coming home with them. On really good days, she would even put the toys back on their shelves without us telling her to do so.

We rarely buy toys for Maia and that's probably the reason why she doesn't demand we do And we frequent bookstores more than toy stores so that's probably another reason. However, we have been noticing that lately when she sees toys on my magazines she would say "MOMMY/DADDY, Bili ako neto ha?" And when we'd ask her if she has money for it, she'd say - "IKAW MAY PERA. IKAW ANG BIBILI".

So today, when she was again pressing me to buy her a specific toy I finally told her she needs to save for it if she really wants it. She immediately went looking for her alkansya (coin bank) and ask me for a coin. She goes: "O okay na today Mommy ha? Meron na ako nahulog ha? Bukas ulit huwag mo kalimutan ako bigyan".

Pambihira 'nak. Parang ako na lang nag-ipon nun ah.

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