Sunday, January 6, 2013

Arts-N-Crafts: Birthday Card Surprise For Daddy Pogi!

Well, it wasn't actually a surprise anymore since she ruined it last week. She went to her dad announcing that we are making a card for his birthday surprise. That prompted me to ask if she understood what surprise means and apparently, surprise means gift in her preschooler vocabulary. I wanted to sit her down right away and review some words with her but I fought it hard. I thought better to let her discover the meaning of simple words for now. She will after all eventually find out what the actual meaning of the word 'surprise' is. If not, then that would probably be the right time to teach her already. 

Anyways, despite her ruining this particular surprise I still decided to go ahead with the project since we have the materials ready (thanks to Rachel and Coco's Christmas gift!) and she was pretty excited to embark with this project. It's for her Daddy Pogi after all! 

What we used for this project:
  • a piece of kraft folder
  • linen paper (green, because green is the celebrant's favorite color)
  • sequins
  • foam shapes 
  • an old photo
  • washi tape
  • metallic marker
  • scissors
  • glue gun
  • ordinary glue

How it turned out:

I won't discuss the step by step procedure anymore because really, it's just a matter of lay outing and pasting after you've gathered all the materials. The little miss picked the photo we used here herself, probably remembering fondly when this photo was taken. I would've opted to use a more recent photo though, but of course the choice is not entirely mine to take.

Here's a photo of the card. I only helped to position the photo frame but the design was entirely of her choosing. I had to also put in the glue myself because it's really not yet safe for her to handle. Ate Inday and I just helped spell out the words that she wanted to write on the card. Notice how she would put an underscore after every word. Every time we'd say 'space' she would put an underscore, we would later on realize it was because the space bar on our mobile phones and the computer key had an underscore on it. Funny kid, isn't she?

writing her promise down
Notice how she wrote the 'spaces'
this was the most interesting part of the card. i didn't expect this one.
can you guess what she drew?
this was apparently a scene from a zoo trip that the 3 of us took.
i was looking for the sun here and she told me "walang sun, kasi gabi na yan"

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