Wednesday, January 2, 2013

No Work, All Play

I have been looking forward to December the minute the 3rd quarter of the year hit because I rarely get to spend a whole day with the little miss at home anymore. The previous days I get a time off from work were usually taken over by hospital check ups and well check ups so this December I vowed to dedicate it entirely to bonding with her. 

And that's exactly what we did. The first week of my leave, we scheduled a visit to her dad's office and watched the Christmas lights show at the Ayala Triangle before it ended it's run. I also managed to squeeze in a visit to a new dentist for the little miss (I think we can now graduate to a general dentist).

What I enjoyed the most though were the mornings that we spent strolling around our village and at the playground. Now that she's very vocal and verbal about everything that tickles her curiosity I get to share meaningful conversations with her. I also get to hear more stories about school which were very rare before. 

practicing on the scooter that 'Santa' gifted to her for Christmas
she wanted for me to get inside this thing and sit beside her
but I just couldn't fit myself into it so I just took pictures instead. haha
swinging bravely on her own.
seeing her doing things like this independently just makes my heart swell
(and skip a beat too haha!)
cruisin' like a pro (ang sarap-sarap dito Mommy! sarap ng hangin!)
True that she tried to challenge my patience in those two weeks that we spent together (almost everyday) but it was nothing that a couple of breathe in, breathe outs couldn't fix. 

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