Thursday, January 10, 2013

Young Love

My 4-year old just confessed she admitted to a boy (from her shuttle service) that she's crushing on him. (insert violent bubble thought) HUWAAAAAAAAAAAAT??!>?!$#!@$!@#

"Mommy, sabi ni Ian Karl crush nya ako (insert giggle) tapos sabi ko na din crush ko din sya!"

Altogether now: ANO?@!$#!

For about 10 seconds, she left me dumbfounded. (excuse me, where the hell did you learn about infatuation little girl?) But then Ate Inday and I recovered from our daze and I was able to gather the courage to ask her if she knows what exactly that word crush means. She nodded and went to put her palms together in crushing motion. Crush = Durog. Pambihira. (you almost gave me a heart attack. little miss!)

On my way to work, I reflected on the changes that have been happening to my baby girl lately. She really has grown A LOT since she started big school. And she undeniably is picking up a lot from her new environment these days. A year ago, I would've been exaggeratedly freaked by her confession but I'm a little tempered now. And I have somehow resigned to the fact that I can't preserve her innocence forever. Of course that doesn't mean I'm cool with her dating early (really premature for me to even start thinking about it anyway, don't you think). But I would like to believe that this is just a stage in their preschool years that comes with learning/discovering the differences between the opposite sex. 

It also calms me knowing that if I ask her who that boy is, she'd announce in a heartbeat that -- "he's my best friend in school, Mommy." And he's most probably going to stay that way for a long, long time. I WILL MAKE SURE OF THAT. 


Erlaine Gool said...

Naku Faye, dyan nagsisimula yan lol! Classmate ba nya si Ian Karl? He's tall! If not and he's a little older than Maia, I'm sure he knows na what "crush" means. So baka crush nga nya si Maia hehe.

Faye Paras said...

Erl! Hahaha sabi ko nga eh. Parents ko kasi young love, sweet love ang love story nyan. pero idadaan ko sa higpitan ito. wahaha. Mas matanda si boy crush sa kanya ng almost 2 years. Next year di na sila masyado magkikita kasi magge-grade 1 na.

Pepper said...

Hindi ko kinaya to Faye! haha! buti nalang binawi! Haha! Oh my gosh --- if only we can stop the clock from ticking! But I must say, its really cute for maia to have a friend na boy... =)

Faye Paras said...

the trouble with that is, she now tells everyone she has a secret (and pls don't tell mommy...)" "i have a crush tita! crush ko sya kasi best friend ko sya!" waaaaaaaaaaah

Maggie said...

Nyahay! Nakakaloka! Ipainterview na kay Tibs yan! Hehe

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