Saturday, January 19, 2013

Rest, Swim, Fun

Day 2 of our trip. We arrived around 130pm at the resort, checked in and immediately headedto the resort resto to grab a bite. We were all famished except for the little miss who just couldn't and wouldn't stop badgering us to tak
e her to the beach the minute she saw it (when we arrived).

Our resort is about 10-15 mins far from the main beach but it had a small beach (Bulabog beach) right in front if it. It somehow made us feel like we are staying in a private resort. And the kid just wanted to attack the sand the minute she caught a glimpse of it. 

Tomorrow we head to the main beach. The weather has veen very erratic here. In fact it was drizzling almost the entire afternoon we were all lulled to a 2hr siesta after lunch.

Ahhhh this is life!

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