Sunday, January 20, 2013

Photoblog: White Beach, Boracay

I will reserve the detailed account of the little miss's three-day adventure here in Boracay for later (when I finally get to sit down and log into a computer). But let me just share with some of the photos I took yesterday. Mr. Sun was very kind to us and he came out just when we got to White Beach (which is really the most popular among all the strips of beaches surrounding the island of Boracay). Lucky little miss!

She's loving this vacation to bits obviously. We had the hardest time prying her off the beach. If you've been to Boracay I'm sure you know exactly why she doesn't want to leave.

I've been flooding my Instagram account with lots and lots of photos. I was sort of the designated photographer/security officer/goffer for this trip because I chose not to invade the waters (mostly due to my lack of confidence on wearing a swimsuit that is designed for women with complete sets of breast lolz, sorry little miss for posting this on your blog). Anyways, here are more photos that I grabbed from Instagram. 

For the 2 nights that we spent in Boracay, we walked half of the length of White Beach looking for the big sand castles but apparently, they are now considered illegal and the local authorities would immediately destroy anything that the locals attempt to build (anyone here know why? the locals think 'trip lang' but I hope there's a more logical explanation to that). We came across this small one when we got to the beach early morning. When we passed by at around 11am, it was already destroyed as well.

First day at the beach. She stayed till noon time. Nognog kung nognog.


Maggie said...

Grabe sobrang inggit ako sa grand vacay ninyo! The pictures show how much the Little Miss enjoyed the sun, sand and sea. :)

Faye Paras said...

Maggie! Budget travel grande! :) I didn't expect she would have this much fun din. Pero till now she's raving about it.

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