Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Math Dilemma

Do you ever get tired of reading about my motherhood rants?

Well, I can't blame you really. I get tired of listening to myself too sometimes. 

Like today for example. I just came back from vacation and yet, I'm starting to let the worries creep in already. I'm supposed to let the smell of the salty breeze linger for a long time but here I am feeling miserably low. 

Kid went home with a 1 out 10 score in a Math seatwork today. They were freaking doing subtraction already. At 4, she's already doing subtraction and addition?#$!#$! Yes, she unfortunately is. I think I started doing subtraction when I was already in Grade 2? I'm not so sure. But I know it was never in Kindergarten.

The thing is, I can't blame the kid for not paying attention to the lesson. But I can't help but feel bad either at how she has been faring in class lately. Eversince they started with addition, it's been a downhill trip for her since. 

I was a math wiz in school (or so I think). In fact, I was with our high school Math Olympiad team. Although I never enjoyed Differential Calculus, I didn't fail either so I think it's safe to say that me and Math were really good friends the entire time I was in school. But I know things like this are never genetic. Some kids were just probably born to love Math and others well, other subjects except Math. (The little miss is really into drawing and she's doing extremely well at it, as most adult friends would commend her artworks).

I tried every trick possible for her to focus on our math lessons at home but the bad days always outweigh the good ones. Days like that always make me feel like a useless piece of mommy crap. 

I don't really demand this little miss to excel academically. I still stand by my resolve to let her find her passion. But I wanted her to just be able to go with the flow of things. To just be able to keep up (if you know what I'm saying). And by that, I mean just be average. (yes I stand by this too: AVERAGE IS THE NEW #1. And I'm not ashamed to say that I made that up for my daughter's sake). But at the rate we're going, we're way below average. We're failing, I fear.

Oh dear little miss, when you read this later please know that Mommy is desperately trying to sort through things. We are both groping in the dark. But I hope we'll eventually find a technique that will work for us both. 

Did your preschoolers ever had problems with Math? If yes, how did you deal with it? Help!


Aimee Diego said...

Math at 4 years old?! Whoah. I feel your pain though. I terribly suck in Math so I don't know how the little girl will perform once she has to start doing her additions and subtractions. I do hope you find a way to make things work with the math thing. Perhaps look for fun ways to make the subject interesting and engaging for her? Just a thought :)

Faye Paras said...

Hi Aimee, we try to make it interesting at home but since she goes to a traditional school (and an academically intense one) I really can't blame her if the mere word Addition and Subtraction already spells BORING to her. But I'm now confident we can win this one :) Thank you for hearing my rant out. I just needed to let that out. Haha.

Myra Michelle Nunez-Tiquio said...

Yaikes! I didn't know that Seton is that advanced already. Anyway, I'm positive that you'll get through this stage.

You might also want to consider checking out Kumon. They have branches in Cavite, too. :)

Faye Paras said...

Em, Thanks for suggesting Kumon. Pero i'm really trying to stay away from review centers like that if i can help it. Yung pinaka fear ko kasi baka di pa nag start ng Grade 1 pagod na. Thankfully, we're starting to catch up na ulit. Hopefully tuloy tuloy na although this week they start adding 2 digit numbers na. Kalowka!!!!

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