Sunday, May 13, 2012

Arts-N-Crafts: A Card For Mommy on Mother's Day

Today was some sort of a downer for me. I spent half of my day fighting my way through Hiragana and Katakana charts in my 4-hour Nihongo class. I felt I was at my dumbest today. I was stuck at learning the alphabets while everyone around me were already discussing and exchanging sentences. And mind you, my classmates were just in their early 20s. Amazing kids. Their memory just blows me away. I'm all praises.

But I'm glad we had a teacher who doesn't give up (thank you, Maam!), 30 minutes before we wrapped up the class I was finally able to construct my interrogative statements successfully and finish an assigned interactive activity with a classmate. That felt really good, I tell ya. Still, it drained me hard and left me with no energy to think of mother's day celebrations. All I wanted then was just to get home and sleep. SLEEP. sleep. All these things happening around me are making me miss a lot in the family front. That makes me even more guiltier than ever. Not that anyone's complaining.

If there's one thing that I realized amidst all these raucous around me, it is the fact that I think I found where my calmness lies. And that is in this motherhood thing. I may stumble in many aspects of my life, but it was from being a mother that I find my strength. I may be amiss on my family duties but they always rally behind me. No matter what. And while I was devoid of energy already when I finally got home this afternoon, I enter our bedroom and find this little surprise hanging by the cabinet door.

Tibs rarely makes the effort to engage on arts and crafts with Maia but today he surprised me with something that I never expected him to do - a handmade card for mother's day. You see that binding on the card, they painstakingly sewed that to convert the cover of Maia's used drawing booklet unto my mother's day card.

Admiring her work of art. She kept pointing at the heart doodles. Ang galing ko Mommy, di ba?
Tibs claims he didn't guide her hands while writing the Happy Moms Day part. Ang galing, galing nga ano?
And one more thing that made my heart flutter was that hearing the little girl say this straight and clearly: HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY, MOMMY!

Oh my heart was just bursting at the seams when I heard that. Of course, that came with her trademark "I LOVE YOU, WE ROCK! SWEET KISS!" But given this and the effort on the card, I just feel I'm the luckiest momma in the entire galaxy!


How was your Mother's day celebration?

p.s. Tibs was nursing a little tampo the past few days because Maia has been refusing to kiss him. He feels bad that he now had to coerce the little girl who once generously showered him with kisses into giving him a tiny peck on the cheek while I would just say a simple good morning greeting and get not just one but a pair of kisses on the cheek. So he thinks by writing this, he's finally gotten back at me.

Sorry to disappoint you Sir. But I bet when she wakes up tomorrow, you still don't get a kiss while I -- still get tons.
**Evil Laugh**


Pepper said...

Awww... You are one lucky Mama Faye! Belated happy mother's day!

SarahBucu said...

These are the moments that you want to freeze in your mind, hug them close, and hoping they will not fade away. As long as your kids remember to be thankful, not only during special occasions, you never failed as a mom. 

Belated Happy Mother's Day !

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