Saturday, May 19, 2012

On Pets And A Boy Named Diego

I was supposed to be doing homework and catch up with my back log exercises for my class tomorrow but I'm still hung up from today's lazy activities that all I could think of was getting an early shut eye as soon as I'm done with this post. And that's probably what I'm really going to do. Oh yeah, tomorrow will take care of itself. What's important right now is I have a kid who I made to feel like a VIP today and who couldn't stop saying I love you, we rock till she was taken over by sleep. 

Before she drifted to lala-land, we said a short prayer and I was struck to hear her pray for Diego today. Diego was a name she chose for her baby brother, if ever we will be blessed with one. She asked me tonight what's taking Diego so long to arrive. But as always, I just tell her to be patient because Diego will come when it's time for him to come. (I am not even sure if the kid understands my explanation but she always just nods and affirms it with a YES, Mommy).

Honestly, we never expected for her to be asking for a sibling. And we were settled on having just one kid (especially after factoring in the economies of raising a child these days). But at the beginning of this year, Tibs and I just suddenly felt that emotional readiness for another kid. We decided we will try for another. We consulted with my doctors and got the go signal from all of them. They were even happy that we have decided to try again. But all that had to be put on hold because things have also started to get exciting and challenging for me at the work front and I wouldn't want to overwhelm myself so we're still waiting and waiting for the right moment to come. I'm positive it will. But I'm hoping our little miss can still stretch her patience. 

So while we wait for that right moment, we considered getting her a pet to keep her mind off from Diego (and to save us from the constant badgering as well). We sort of made a wrong move (parents are supposed to decide for kids her age, right?) and asked her what kind of pet she wanted. She initially demanded for a dog. We actually almost gave in to that but I got scared the last minute and decided to beg off my co-workers offer. Luckily, another co-worker was happy to take over ownership of the dog so that somehow took away the guilt. Then she moved on to rabbits. That one we had a hard time coming up with excuses. But we know for a fact that she definitely isn't ready for a dog, a cat, or even a rabbit.

BioResearch must have sensed our dilemma.
They gave us an immediate solution.
Fortunately, last April when we visited Lost Eden Educational Park in Sucat (separate post on this trip still on my drafts folder will link up as soon it's published) we were given free pet fishes (from BioResearch which is the park's affiliate) to take home. Tibs was hesitant to take them at first, but I thought the kid might take it as a replacement of the rabbits that she's been wishing for us to buy for her. She wouldn't give in at first but when I bought a fish bowl and showed her how she can help take care of the fishes, the rabbit wish was temporarily forgotten. Since then, she as soon as she wakes up she would go straight to the bowl to greet and feed her FISHIES (they are five and they're called - FISHY 1, FISHY 2, FISHY 3 and so on...). 

This afternoon, we had a wonderful discovery when we came to say hi to them FISHIES...the 5 have now almost doubled. We found 4 small FISHIES amongst those original FISHIES who have undeniably grown since we made them a new home 4 weeks ago. Tibs couldn't believe they multiply that fast but well, they're there. The little girl just kept saying - I'M HAPPY MOMMY! I'M HAPPY FOR THE LITTLE FISHIES. :))

that little spec of black in there is the newest member in the little girl's fish bowl.
sigh. i miss having a real camera.

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