Thursday, May 31, 2012

Goodbye Long Locks!

With the goal of crossing one more to-do from our school-opening-preparations-list (whew) in mind, Maia and I trooped over to the nearest salon from our place yesterday to get her wild, curly hair neatly trimmed. At first, Tibs was hesitant and wanted me to do the cutting myself. But after failing for the last 2 attempts, he finally relented and agreed to have it done by a 'professional'. Having been blessed with a lot (and I mean lot) of hair since birth, a haircut is something that seemed compulsory for Maia even for at least once a year because it's really a big effort for us to keep it in place. The little girl isn't very fond of headbands or clippies or pony tails. So a haircut being a yearly requisite, you can very well say that she's no stranger to having scissors sliced through her locks. She only cried the first time. The rest of our hair salon trips were all pleasant experiences. 

First time's always a pain. 
Second time's fun!
Yesterday however was sort of a milestone for us because that was the first time she went to a grown up salon. The previous ones were all done in kiddie salons where she was kept preoccupied while sitting in little 'car' chairs. But she was fine with it. She although expressed her wish to retain her long hair because princesses have long hair (thank you for the stereotyping Disney!). I told her though that a shorter one would make her look really pretty and so she simply just complied to Mommy's wishes. The hairstylist thankfully turned out to be quite used to trimming little girl's locks. She moved fast and we were done after 10/15 minutes, I guess. Georgie and I kept the little girl amused so she kept still almost the entire time that she was on the chair. When the hairstylist was all done, she took a moment to admire her new look (yes like adults do) in the mirror. 

Sadly, the little girl refuses to have her picture taken with her new trim. She probably wants to keep some moment with her new look all to herself for now . Most of the curls have been trimmed off and what's left of it were just the waves but I'm sure she'll grow back the pretty curls soon. I just really wanted to chop them off for now because they've all become very dry and had mostly split ends. (makes me wonder, how do we prevent kids from having split ends anyways? esp kids with tangly, curly hair?)

Thank you for being such a good girl Maia! You're almost ready for school!

I was able to steal a back shot of her while she relished her reward from yesterday - an order of Jollibee spaghetti!

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Erlaine Gool said...

Maia's super ready na ah! I was also thinking of cutting Kelsea's hair coz like Maia, she's not also fond of clips and headbands. But I decided to keep it long so I can braid her hair :) 

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