Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Baon And Sharing

assembled her baon kit - tuna sandwich and a few pieces of grapes
Kid proudly munched on a piece of lettuce leaf this morning. I didn't notice so she had to call my attention and point it out to me. Healthy ako mommy, kinain ko yung dahon!

Well, it wasn't easy convincing her to try it. I can only count with my 5 fingers those very few instances where Maia gave in to my request for her to share a plate of greens with me. She still remains a picky eater to this day. And she seems to be quite proud at being that judging from how she would always refuse the healthy things I'd offer to her. But some days, she still manages to let us feel that we matter to her by indulging our requests for her to eat the food on her plate.

This morning I offered her that leaf. I tried several times to trick her to eating it but she was adamant. So I just gave up and resolved to just try again some other day. But when I was assembling tuna sandwiches for our baon today, she probably got piqued at my sudden change of mood so being the attention-seeker that she is she just went ahead and munched on a leaf thinking probably that I'll shower her with praises after. But I missed that moment. Lucky me, it didn't seem to bother her at all. What mattered was she finished the leaf. 

After we've high-fived that moment, she went to surprise me even more. She asked that I pack her a sandwich to bring to school as well. "Please slice it into 4 parts, Mommy. I am going to share my sandwich with N and A at lunch later!" Did I hear that right? My normally self-centered kid finally wanting to share something with someone? (cue triumphant cheers in the background). 

Some 4 years ago, my mornings have changed from good to better. But there are days in between where they happen to be one of the BEST! Mornings like today makes my painfully early wake up calls all worth it. And it all started with just a piece of lettuce.

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Nerissa "Jeng" Remo-Aquino said...

Ang galing mo Maia! How I wish Naomi will start trying to eat veggies. Sabi ko pampaganda veggies pero wala pa rin eh hehehe

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