Sunday, September 30, 2012

4th Birthday Preps + Divi Finds

I have been planning to go to Divisoria for weeks now but most of our weekends have been packed I didn't know when to squeeze that in. Today (thankfully but sadly) our playdate with our Fun Farm tropa got postponed so I grabbed the opportunity and dragged the reluctant hubby to go hunting for giveaways at the bargain shopping capital of the Philippines in the hopes that I can finally cross this task out in my to-do list for the kid's upcoming birthday.

After the kid's first birthday, I immediately shelved the idea of ever throwing 'big', organized parties. I decided that from age 2 onwards we are going for intimate, backyard (or in our case - home garden) parties instead. I don't think the kid had any issues with that anyways. To her, what makes for an awesome birthday party are the cake, scoops of ice cream in cones and the presence of her neighborhood friends. 

However, since her school allows students to celebrate parties with the entire class, new expectations were set. She now expects a celebration in school. And a themed one just to add a little complication to what to me is already tasking to do. Party planning stresses me out. Although I would really love to see my kid happy, it isn't something I enjoy doing. But well, like most mothers, I do it anyway. 

I still aimed to keep it simple. Our menu would be baked macaroni and chicken lollipop, a small cake for 23 kids to share and a gallon of mango (it has to be yellow because that's her favorite color) ice cream and 2 dozen cones to complete the kid's wishes. She also asked for a fairy themed party and that was to be covered by the invitation. For the remaining part of the party, she would just have to content herself with what Mommy's invisible party planning skills (and with very limited budget to boot) were able to pull off. Again, I'm almost sure she wouldn't mind. 

Given my expected failure on the event itself, I thought maybe I could still claim some redemption by labouring over the party giveaways. As I've mentioned here, I was never fond of giving away sweets and pre-packaged Disney character school supply sets (no offense to those who do. my kid likes them so much and even begs for us to giveaway Tinkerbell pencil cases but this is more of me trying to teach my kid to be unattached to certain things). But I couldn't do away with the giveaways either because for one - I do not want to disappoint the kids. I thought I could still go far with a budget of P50/kid, I just need to find the right things to put in there. I don't know what those are but what I was very sure I wanted was for them to be reusable and earth-friendly if the budget permits. 

Since my initial plan of giving away plants is logistically impossible. I thought of giving away a garden kit instead. I thought of giving the kids packet of seeds to plant inside burlap sacks that I saw at the Party Starters Facebook page with would be really nice (and pretty). But when I browsed through the price list however, it sadly was way over my budget already. So I was left with what seemed to be my final option and that is to scour Tabora St at Divisoria instead. I thought it was going to be easy finding ready made burlap pouches there but I apparently thought wrong. The 2 shops that we found to be selling burlap cloth told us they were available but had to be ordered. I didn't have luxury of time to place the order and come back for the items so even if it broke my heart, I had to let the idea go. The pouch price was still steep for my budget anyways so I just took that as a sign. It wasn't meant to be.  

While we were walking and thinking, both the hubby and I paused and pointed at these: 

cute buri bags selling for P15-P18
Mini-bayongs for the kids! These will be great for role-playing too! 

So the hubby and I bought 2 dozens of these and headed back to Anding's where we found prospective loot bag fillers. We were eyeing educational, wooden puzzles to give to the kids. Unfortunately, there wasn't enough stocks for our first choice so we bought these instead:

not sure how earth-friendly these are but when I saw the shapes,
i thought the kids could learn from this
Anding's is a bargain toy haven. And thanks to Maqui for recommending we check this shop out. This saved us a lot of time since we are still amateurs at Divi shopping.

where to find Anding's
We also bought other wooden puzzles to give away to the kid's neighborhood friends who recently celebrated their birthdays. Feeling galante but really the toys weren't expensive at all so I didn't have issues getting approval from our boss chief (aka daddy, man of the house).

We spent about 2 hours walking around Tabora and Ilaya Sts. Had we left the house a little earlier, we would have had an extra hour to check out 168 but I also wanted to stick to my budget and buy what was just needed so I readily agreed when the hubby suggested we head home by 11:30. Fruits are cheap at this time of the month in divi and we were also able to score this pair of fairy wings for P90. This now completes the kid's costume for Halloween/trick or treat.

It has been one long tiring day for the hubby and me having spent more time traveling than shopping but still I'm glad I was able to achieve my goal for today. Kid excitedly packed each of the lootbags/giveways this afternoon and she's now even more looking forward to her birthday celebration in school. 


Jeng Aquino said...

Ang galing mo talaga, Faye! Thanks for sharing ideas like this :) Napatingin tuloy ako sa website ni Andings. Aba at puede mag-online shopping hehehe :)

Faye Paras said...

Thanks Jeng. Actually hand me down info lang din si Andings! Blessing talaga ang blogging. Madaming nami meet na napipick up na tips! Di ko na notice ang website. Lolz. ang galing no? happy shopping! :D

Reana Aguda said...

Ask ko lang po kung sang store sa divisoria nyo nabili ung wooden toys. Thanks po!

Reana Aguda said...

Ask ko lang po kung sang store sa divisoria nyo nabili ung wooden toys. Thanks po!

Reana Aguda said...

Ask ko lang po kung sang store sa divisoria nyo nabili ung wooden toys. Thanks po!

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