Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Weekend Snaps #36

I live for the weekends. So does my family. (if you've come across this statement in this blog for what seems like a million times already, i apologize in advance. makulit lang. and i don't think i will ever get tired of it) In fact, it is THE WEEKEND that our household looks forward to when Monday comes knocking on the door. (Sweet, it is Friday already? Mommy, weekend na ba?)

Lately however most of our weekends have been packed. We hardly felt their presence for the longest time now. So this weekend was sort of our breather. Our recharge time of sorts. We had to leave for a birthday party Saturday afternoon but it was just within the 'vicinity' so it didn't take us away from the house the entire day. The daddy of the house opted to stay though because he missed the house that much. And we even had to skip grocery time because he couldn't drag himself out. But palengke time (read: the dirty wet market) was a non-negotiable for me because THAT was to be OUR time during the weekend. He had no choice but to accompany me else he suffers the consequence that is my wrath (hahaha). The rest of the weekend though was REALLY about the little miss. And YES she told me just about a million times (i lost count) how she loves for the weekend to stretch forever. Poor little thing. One day, anak, you'll realize too...nakakaumay din pag buong linggo ang itatagal ng weekend. 

So anyways, here's how our weekend went in photos (snaps posted mostly in instagram):

Saturday was Jollibee birthday party time. Kid was still extremely shy and chose to just stay with me in our table to doodle rather than join the kiddie games. Good thing she still allowed Ate Inday to drag her to join the photo ops with Jollibee so she had something to show her dad when we got home. Pictures/photos are still almost always our best shot at getting her to share to us how her day went.

Sabaw love on Sunday breakfast. I cooked a big pot of my favorite sabaw from my childhood - Pancit Molo. The little miss loved it! They asked me to make some again soon! And I most definitely will!

A neighbor dropped by to play with her and they enjoyed almost 2 hours of uninterrupted kiddie fun. Maia is at this age where playtime trumps everything else. When a neighbor comes by to play with her, she'd dropped whatever it is that she's doing (literally and figuratively) and invite her friend/s out to the garden. Good thing, she can already be left to play on her own. We just check on her from time to time to make sure she's not sunbathing at 10am (because she would hardly notice the stinging hot sun once she's engrossed with play so you have to remind her to transfer to a shadier part or else you risk having her sun-burnt). Sometimes she'd also get a little naughty and try to move her stuff unto the streets where it's unsafe so we watch out for that too. 
the sight of this made me go...Awwwwww!

We made a card for her dear cousin Gogol because she told us she misses him. While waiting for her to finish her drawing (which she insisted to do) I noticed she draws better with a fine point pen. (Insert bubble thought: Hmmm, maybe she's not really the marker kind. Have to get her more pens then). She doesn't confuse her letters anymore and this note was quite a lengthy one. I had to dictate each of the letters one by one but I was surprised her she was patient all throughout. She did quite well, don't you think? (it just had a messy signature because she insisted to write her full name hahaha).

Then after siesta, I took out these olive oil bottles that I have been saving for sometime now for a musical experiment (thinking i can already teach or rather expose her to various musical notes by hitting these bottles). But I forgot to consider that these are rather thick glass bottles and it seems that factors in too when you create musical bottles (what are these called anyways?) like this. So the notes turned out to be rather unpretty to the ears. But my efforts wasn't totally wasted because this became a medium for me to teach the kids about mixing colors. I only used 3 colors (primary colored food coloring) here to create this rainbow bottles. Kid did pay attention up until the green part. Then something else caught her attention and she left me. Well, at least I was partly successful. I will try to make it more interesting next time.

RAINBOW came down one afternoon.
How about you? How did your weekend go?


Rachel said...

patikim ng molo soup! :) and i noticed, nagko-crosslegs na sya? parang dalaga na... :)

Faye Paras said...

rache! sige ba one of these days nag propose ako ke maqui for a playdate/cook out naman. magluluto ako molo soup if ever. funny yang cross legs na yan. she was on her 2nd bowl na nung nasilayan ni daddy nya naka cross legs pala. poised na poised nga umupo yan. sana maging habit na nya :)

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