Saturday, September 29, 2012

Penpals + Birthday Card Exchange Project

As a child, I loved writing letters and notes to friends and families. The letter exchanges especially grew when I stepped into high school. Most of my grade school friends have since moved to other schools and having entered the difficult age of puberty, the letter exchanges became venues for me and my friends to air out our crazy teen emotions. In college, when my dormmates left to stay in other dormitories or transfer to other cities to work we still kept in touch through letters. I still kept most of those although I would have to really dig deep into my childhood memorabilia in Antique find them. I used to re-read them when I come home for vacations. They always provided me with a doorway to revisit my teens and college years and well pretty much just send me down nostalgia lane (something that I am pretty addicted to). 

I enjoy opening up the mails and anticipating the stories those letters would bring. I love deciphering my friend's handwriting. Even the handwriting alone can convey what mood my friend's were in when they were writing the letters. I looked forward to those the most, I think. It was almost like I was there with my friends when the experiences that they were sharing actually happened.

Today however with all these techie (good stuff, I wouldn't argue with that) things surrounding us and our kids most especially, you'd wonder if they will ever get to know what an actual mail looks like. Or will they ever get to experience the excitement that comes with seeing the postman drop something on the mailbox or on your doorstep. Will they even know what real stamps look like? 

With that in mind, a fellow mommy blogger - Maqui - and I thought of reviving snail mails in our respective households. We thought of starting with a round of birthday card exchanges since both our kid's birthday fall on the same month anyway. Eventually we opened this idea up in N@W, a forum of moms that we are both members of and several  mommies showed interest in joining this activity. A few weeks ago, Maqui sent me and 2 other mommies a note telling us we can already start sending our cards. Last week, we received our first card and I don't have words to describe the delight on the kid's face when she saw her name on the envelope. "It's for me! See! It's my name!" 

She raved for days about getting this musical card from the mail. And it just made her look forward more to her birthday. Thank you Aki and Maqui! We look forward to exchanging more mails with you in the future! 


Maia had some sticker pals in the past. This reminds me that we are now way overdue on that. Time to collect them stickers again and send mail to our pals again! Shout out to Manilamommy's DW and Wifelysteps' Little Timmy!

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