Thursday, September 27, 2012

Marshmallow Igloo!

My preschooler was excitedly waiting by the door when I got home last night. She immediately handed this over to me when I got in. I almost blurted out a what-in-the-world is this but got hold of my tongue and managed to wait for the kid to reveal what it really was. 

"Mommy look teacher helped me build an igloo! 
Alam mo ba Mommy eskimos ang tumitira dyan! "

The other day the teacher wrote down on her diary to bring a small pack of white marshmallows to school. I didn't find a pack of all-whites in the supermarket so I had to send 3 small packs of brown and whites and made a note to the teacher to help her sort thru the pack. I guess her teacher didn't get my memo.  

I actually didn't have any idea they were going to turn those marshmallows into an igloo. But well, after taking time to really look at it, it does look like an Igloo. Just a rather dirty Igloo. It even has an opening for the Eskimo (see photo above). 

Albeit the mind-boggling (hahaha) first few seconds, I always relish those moments where the kid would proudly show me her school projects. It reminds me somehow that she likes to  be in school. And that there are things she enjoys doing in class. And with other kids. 

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