Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Four After A Month

Dearest Maia,

It's exactly one month to go before we celebrate your birthday. You are turning 4 by then. Wow FOUR. Although it has been months already since you starting claiming to be four already. "Four na ako eh. Di na ako baby", I still feel light-headed when I think about it. Time flies by really, really, extra, super fast. By the way, you lifted that entire statement verbatim from the adults in the house of course. You are so good at doing that nowadays. Some days you would even mimic all our conversations, just to annoy us mostly. We would pretend to be annoyed of course. Then you'd get the last laugh, as always.

This year is going to be the first time that you will be celebrating your birthday in school. Of course, as early as June you already have been planning what your birthday celebration would be. You asked for a Tinkerbell theme. No, you have never seen a single Tinkerbell cartoon show. But you saw it in one of the Disney reviewers that Mommy Ninang gave you and you immediately declared yourself to be her biggest fan. So almost instantly, you scraped off the Mickey Mouse birthday cake that you have been asking me to get you since last year and replaced it with a Tinkerbell cake. I wanted to give in to your theme request. But of course, we needed the financier's approval and unfortunately, it was disapproved. But he agreed to meet with you halfway and gave us permission to do a Forest/Fairy themed one. 

And now I'm scouring my tiny brain for ideas and finding none at all. We'll probably go for the rainbow cake again this year. I love the homey-feel that it brought to your party last year. (It actually made me feel like I was the one who baked your cake when in fact I really have no inkling how to make one) Then I'll just look for fairy figurines to top it. 

What I worry more about is your class giveaway. I wanted that to be a treat for everyone. But I'm not fond of giving kids sweets and the usual art kit. I wanted your giveaway to be meaningful. Initially I thought to give your class potted plants (just like the plants you brought home after your gardening class at St Michael last summer). But Daddy doesn't think that's logistically possible since 1) how do we transport all 22 pots from our house to your school via public transportation? 2) where can we source those potted plants in the first place? I think his concerns were valid and that made me sadder. It somehow pressured me to think of something even more unique. And that's really hard. I wish we could both sit down and plan about it already. But of course I wouldn't want to enslave you with petty adult problems like this.

Mommy has always been a crammer anyway. So I'm putting all my cards in my cramming magic once again. Wish me luck, baby. As I really wouldn't want to disappoint you.

Love you forever,

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